Dec. 5th- I suck at this

I didn’t write or workout again yesterday. Whoops. And now my Internet is being funky so we will see how this post works out. I did run this evening. A solid three miles on that god awful treadmill. The weather has been beautiful this week, I just can’t seem to get myself out there.

Bowling started yesterday and went well. I will probably drive myself crazy eventually but it is fun. If I didn’t mention it before, I am helping with the dance concert this week, that will definitely make me go insane. I’m not even going to start on that. I love being able to help but dear all that is holy I am going to need the worlds biggest drink come Friday.

I have a meeting next week with my advisor for grad school. I should probably take that more seriously because I really haven’t put much thought into it and considering I start in like a month or so I guess I should think about it a little.

I don’t know if I will get a chance to run tomorrow. I will be at work for a solid 14 hours and I’m not going to lie and say ill wake up at 4:45am to run before work. Ill definitely try to write. Should be an interesting day to write about.

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Day 14: Dec. 3rd

Yesterday I neither wrote nor ran. I don’t feel bad about the writing, but  I feel bad about the not running. I know I need rest days here and there, but for some reason whenever I take one I always feel out of shape the following day. Like today, I ran on the treadmill but I only did a mile and a half because my legs felt so heavy. Maybe it’s just my mind. Running outside helps. It’s frustrating none the less.

This week is a crazy busy week. Bowling starts and there is a dance concert which I have one student dancing in so I inevitably end up helping out with it. Today I cut out 450 tickets. I still need about 250 more and roughly 700 programs (which as of this afternoon weren’t complete), did I mention the concert is Thursday? Can’t wait. Anyways, I do enjoy it to a degree, it’s always a great performance, it just makes my week crazy.

There is a 4 mile trail run on the 16th that I am tempted to sign up for. I heard it is an easy trail, but I have never done a trail run before so I am a little nervous. Plus, though I don’t mind running in the cold, it should be really cold by then. We will see.

I need some new stretches and light free weight work outs. Also, what are some good natural power foods and snacks?

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Dec. 1st: Race Day

I was up at 7:30am to prepare for the race today. I wanted to make sure that I ate a good breakfast and had time for it to digest before going to the race at 9:00. I wore my cold weather gear and my santa hat (which got really hot) and of course my jingle bells. There were around 2,000 people at the race. I was quite impressed. The intimidation and nervousness I had felt before going quickly faded. I realized a lot of the people there were there for fun. The competitive nature that I assumed came with a race wasnt really there. Sure the first guy finished in like 18 minutes, good for him, but everyone was there for different reasons.

I finished around where I expected I would at 40:09. That’s what I had been aiming for, any longer and I would have been unhappy. I only took 3 one-minute walk breaks and 1 two-minute walk break, which for me is great. I feel re-motivated now and I really want to improve my time and distance. I don’t want to have to walk at all, but I know the more I run and the better shape I get in that will one day happen.

I did roll my ankle near the end, thankfully I didn’t fall, but im sure I looked like a raging idiot. However, this gave me a nice burst of adrenaline that carried me through to the finish line. Thankfully, I had my brace on so it feels okay.

All in all this race was a great experience. I am so happy I did it. Big thank you to my family and friends who came to cheer for me. I can’t wait for the next race!


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Night before 5k

This will be brief. I did really well with my diet this week until tonight when I had crab dip and cheese for dinner. Whoops. I tried to watch how much I ate though.

My race is in the morning. I will post about that tomorrow. I am in bed now resting up and I will be up early to heat my ankle and wait anxiously. Praying everything goes well. I was going to run outside today, just a mile, but that didn’t happen. My exercise has not been as frequent as I would’ve liked this week but I’m confident tomorrow will be fun.

Can’t wait!!

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nov. 29th- 0ff track

Apparently this thing is mis-dating my entries. So I will date them myself.

Today is Thursday, Nov. 29th. Two more days until my 5k. I ran on the treadmill tonight and in my opinion I kicked that treadmills ass. I am starting to get nervous for the race. I pick up my packet tomorrow. I think the course starts off with a hill and I really hope that doesn’t throw me off. But who cares. I will complete it. And I will be wearing my Santa hat and jingle bells (which I need to find or rob the mall Santa). I got a bit off track this week. I didn’t work out yesterday. I have been really, really tired after work and I don’t know why but I need to snap out of it. It depresses me when I don’t go for a run. Even though some days it is hard to get out there or downstairs, I always feel really good afterwards and it is really rewarding to know how I can push my body and see myself getting stronger with each run.

I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday. This week at work was pretty long. Bowling starts next week which means my days will only get longer. On the up side, being busy means the week goes by fast and with it being December, 25 days of Christmas will start on ABC Family. On the down side, bowling adds two more hours to my day where shit can hit the fan, and we all know how I enjoy a good outburst.

The highlight of my day today was when a student told me he was getting video games and a sledgehammer for Christmas. I asked what the sledgehammer was for and he couldn’t give me a concrete answer but he did reassure me that he was not going to use it to hurt himself. I know I’ve asked for some weird things before (like the year I switched from asking for a dog to asking for a reindeer. WTF was I thinking, if Santa wasnt going to get me a dog he sure as hell wasnt getting me a reindeer) but I’ve never asked for something as bizarre as a sledgehammer. Kids are weird.

So here begins my winter countdown:

26 days until Christmas

32 days until NYE

so far no snow days

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Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I have felt that way from the moment I woke up. I was in a rough mood, for not reason, and every little thing annoyed me. I made myself absolutely useless at work, until the end of the day when I semi-won a battle ive been fighting over athletic transportation. But honestly, I have sucked today. I am currently sitting in my workout clothes, not working out.

I think I need to start doing my treadmill runs in the morning. I have motivation all day to run outside but the second I leave work/get home all that motivation is replaced by sleepiness. If I can at least wake up and run a little on the treadmill, I can always go for an outside run later, but then I wont miss a workout. However, waking up earlier means waking up at oh, 4:50? at the latest for at least a half hour workout. That seems a big ridiculous, but I guess ill do what I have to do.

I’ve been living at home for a year now and am starting to feel that itch. Sadly, moving out (again) is not possible at this time. I am slightly worried living here might slowly drive me crazy or turn me into a spinster. With grad school starting in the spring and the county only paying for less than half, it just doesn’t even seem possible to move anyway, aside from an insane asylum. I try to look at the big picture, these years at home mean that one day I will be able to afford more than I can afford now. And a get a dog.

Tonight I still have hope to run at least a mile on the treadmill. Tomorrow I really want to run outside but I have a meeting after work and have no idea what time I will be home. Probably never. So ill probably end up back on the treadmill. Three more days until my 5k. I think I should be more concerned but for some reason I’m not. I guess we will see what happens on Saturday.

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I always thought people were being dumb and wimpy when they called the treadmill the dreadmill, I used to like running on the treadmill, I don’t know what changed, but now I totally understand why it is nicknamed the dreadmill. I hate that damn thing. I’d much rather slip, or struggle, into my cold running gear and go outside. Today I got stuck running inside due to my two-hour nap with my cats. I live large. But I got 75% of my workout done before I just had to throw in the towel. No matter how many calf stretches I do, my calves on like the inside of my legs down by my ankles are killing me. I think I need to do more heat before I work out to stretch my muscles out a little more. My parents lack of heating the house is probably taking a toll on me.

Four more days until my first 5k. Maybe ill get the flu…kidding. I’m excited.

Disappointed it didn’t snow at all today. I really am not a fan of rain in the winter. Moving farther north is looking more and more intriguing.

With December approaching I should get started on my Holiday shopping. I am super excited for Christmas parties, Christmas, and New Years Eve!

Here’s to already hoping the holidays go smoothly and people don’t piss me off too much.


How my bed looked when I woke up from my nap. I need a dog.

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Day 7: the scale

First day back from Thanksgiving break went pretty smooth. I didn’t find the need to crawl under my desk and cry, and though some kids were hyped about the possible snow tomorrow, as am I, they were all pretty calm. Next week my schedule will start to get a bit crazy with bowling, but luckily that is only three days a week.

Last night when I did my run I ran for a longer time/distance interval than I usually do. I haven’t been able to do a continuous mile on the treadmill (outside I can) but last night I was able to do more than a mile straight! I was pretty excited. Today I oddly feel like I ran that mile even though I don’t always feel my normal 3 mile workouts. It feels good. I still need to run today.

I am making a not very healthy dinner. Pork wrapped in bacon, but it looks amazing! I’ll have to upload a picture when it is complete. Other than that I have had a good diet day.

I am slightly discouraged because of the scale. Why does the number on that damn scale matter so much? I’m starting to think I have a medical condition or something because no matter how little I eat and how much I exercise that number has been the same for the past three months. I can’t seem to get it to budge and I don’t know what else to do about it. It is very hard to feel like I am working so hard and then not see the results (number wise). I physically feel like I am looking better and I know I am more in shape than I was three months ago, but that number needs to move! No matter what people say about it’s how you look or how you feel and not about they number on the scale they are so wrong. Suck it positive people; that number matters!

With that said, I will continue to try my best to remain positive and motivated. I will continue to try to make healthier choices (no more bacon wrapped pork. did I mention it is also mustard and herb glazed?) and work out on a regular basis. I will overcome.

Side note: LET IT SNOW!!!


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Snow flurries and affairs

Today I went to a wonderful Indian lunch with two of my girlfriends. It was great to catch up and discuss our break and the holidays to come. Ultimately, like every conversation I seem to be in these days, it turned to marriage and boyfriends.

There is nothing wrong with this. Both of these things are a huge part of life and I am glad I have such wonderful friends to discuss them with. But both of these things also carry tremendous pressure. I love that marriages are becoming a part of my life. That is such a big milestone in one’s life and I am so thankful for those weddings I have been able to be a part of and to my married friends. I look forward to seeing many more of my friends hit this milestone and eventually enjoying it one day myself. However, I feel there is a lot of pressure for women my age to start getting to this event.

Last night my brother made a comment at dinner about my mother trying to hook him up with people. Her response was, “no, I’m working on Megan now. She is my project.” I laughed it off, but in reality I wanted to be like WTF. What is wrong with being single? I have friends who seem to be in perpetual relationships, falling in and out of “love” every few months with someone different. I don’t want to lead my life that way. I like having time to myself to discover who I want to be, and when I’m ready or when I meet the right person I will be more than willing to share my life with them, but I am not just going to date someone for the sake of being in a relationship, or because my mom wants me to.

Don’t get me wrong, I have felt the pressure to be in a relationship with someone, and I have been in relationships for that reason, but it isn’t fun. It takes all of the lust and intimate feelings out of it. I would rather ignore the social cues to settle down and learn to be happy by myself. If you can’t be happy by yourself then how can you be happy with someone? Especially when you only half-heartedly care for that other person.

People need to relax. Good things come to those who wait. Don’t rush yourself into a relationship that might not be worth it. Enjoy your 20’s, they only happen once, and don’t worry about your “internal clock.” Life shouldn’t be about the pressures, but about those wonderful lunches that you have with your girlfriends, and the first few snow flurries that I saw this afternoon. Cherish the small things, for one day you will be married and those little joys in life will be replaced with cooking and cleaning up someone else’s shit.

Side note: I still need to run. Today is my version of a rest day so I will only be doing a mile, hopefully two, on the treadmill. I am well within my calorie goal today and I actually did pretty well at dinner last night.

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Colder Weather

I did my 5k training program at the park today where I will be running my first 5k. Hopefully next weekend the weather will be slightly more in my favor but I doubt it.
As I began my run in the 40 degree frigid air with 25 mph wind gusts my first thought was, “are you f-ing kidding me. What person in their right mind would voluntarily do this”. However, I soon warmed up and my run actually became quite enjoyable. I am very thankful that a few weeks ago I went out and purchased some amazing cold weather gear that not only protected me from the cold but really made running in the wind bearable. It is amazing what certain clothes can really do. I actually think now I would prefer to run in the cold than hot.
Even with my awesome clothes though, the cold definitely made my legs feel heavier and my pace was slower but I completed my workout as planned.
I also finally finished the Christmas lights. My fingers may be bleeding but I’m pretty sure this display will beat last years.

Tonight I have dinner out at a very nice restaurant. This is going to be another challenge that I will face on my journey. Going out to eat is definitely a weakness of mine. When I eat out I generally like to splurge, especially when it is a really nice restaurant. Today I think I will be okay because I have made healthy choices for breakfast and lunch and I am well within my calorie goal, however, it is hard to tell since restaurants seem to try to sneak extra calories in wherever they can.
One of the main things I do to try and make healthier choices when eating out is to look at the menu ahead of time. That way I know if I am going to be eating a more high calorie meal, my other meals should be lighter and I should definitely exercise. Also, sometimes I will choose a few dishes that should be lower in calories and only choose from those, or though chefs probably hate me for it, choose and modify a dish to make it more diet friendly.
For tonight, I’ve looked at the menu and already narrowed down my choices. I also will definitely be getting dessert since that is my favorite meal and ill factor that in when ordering.
One of my favorite sayings is, “I run so I can eat” and oh how true that is.
I am excited that tomorrow is only Sunday and I still have another day off. Going back to work on Monday should be dreadful but I heard a rumor about snow, which whether or not it happens Should make the kids crazy and guarantee ill want to punch myself. Can’t wait.


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