Clearly dismissive

I may be the worst blogger in the United States, or the world. My goals of the new year have yet to be reached and I still strive for greatness. I have lost ONE POUND but I can run 3 MILES! I keep telling myself I will not give up and in my heart I truly will not give up. I have realized though that this determination is for different reasons then I once thought. Not only do I want to become a healthier version of myself but I want to be a happier version. I was 10x happier when I was physically fit than I am now. I want to regain that attitude I once had.
I dream of the adventures I want to take. I know I cannot take these adventures unless I am physically fit. In order to be who I truly feel I am I need to regain who I once was.
For the first time in months I feel I am on the right track. It took me awhile to find an exercise regime that worked for me, but I found one. It also took me awhile to become more confidant that I could actually do what I wanted to do.
The overlying negative thoughts that once drowned me are now my endurance. I am the only one that stands in my way, and I will not deprive myself of greatness. My dreams will become my reality and my life will flourish.
I owe a lot of this to self reflection, but mostly to my friends. I have never felt more lifted and empowered than when I am with my friends. They are truly a breath of fresh air and some of the most wonderful people. These women are not afraid to sugar coat their feelings or make you feel good for fear of hurting you, they are some of the most amazing, free-spirited people I know. I am so thankful to have such wonderful people on my side who know that one day I will succeed at everything I want.
Now with all that out of the way, this blog is probably the worst thing I have ever written. It is probably not as bad a what others have written, though, so maybe I am not the worst human.

By megms

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