Better late

I know I have been seriously bad at this. Thankfully I am not getting paid to write, though I wish I could, and I’d probably be making only slightly less than I do now…sadly.

I have so much I want to write about. And I’ve had so much I want to write about. I just can’t find a way to formulate what I want to say. I feel that if I start I will go in so many different directions and there will be no end and no purpose. Since the last time I have written I have started my class. Now with MLK day, I have only had two classes. So far I love it. I’m still nervous that I won’t succeed and scared of the potential failure, but I really love being back at school. After struggling through school for most of my life I have really come to love learning. I have such a thirst and desire to absorb so much information, I surprise myself. I am very happy I started with the class I choose and I look forward to continuing.

As for my exercise and healthy lifestyle…wahhhh. I am doing okay. I would still like to run more than I do but I am on a good path. I do very well eating healthy during the week but anytime I go to happy hour or out with my family it’s a slippery slope and I fall all the way down. I don’t know if ill ever be able to improve that. It doesn’t ruin my whole day but those meals are definitely not healthy and consume most of my daily calories. However, I am beginning to accept that this is probably going to be part of my life. I need to make allowances for it and find ways to balance it out. I’m never going to be perfect or live the perfect lifestyle but I can adjust other areas of my life to make my flawed parts just a little better.

I am going to try to write again later this week. There are a few things I want to touch on, social norms, politics, assholes, the usual. I’m trying to be better. One day I will.

By megms

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