Resolutions and registration

The new year started out just as any other new year has; just another day. I kicked it off right this year by going to the Gaylord for big night DC which was awesome and I would highly suggest it. However, come morning, it was just another day.

My resolution this year is to eat clean. Meaning no preservatives, no packaged food, no white flour, ect. So far so good. It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but I could just be in that first week bliss before it gets boring.

I think resolutions are funny. I don’t know why it takes the change of a number to make a resolution. Usually the resolutions people make are healthy ones or ones that will improve their life. These resolutions should be made at any point in the year, not just New Year’s Day. It just seems a bit dumb to me that people wait for a day to better themselves. I fall into this trap though, as well. I fall into the trap also of, “oh ill start on Monday because Monday is a new week.” I just don’t understand, that as a society, why we are such big procrastinators.

But whatever I made my resolution like the rest of the world. The other part of my resolution was to take my workouts more seriously and to actually do them. Like the better half of society I have not done that. And like I said before, I will start Monday. Actually, I will hopefully start today.

Anyway, I am excited for a new year despite my lack of enthusiasm for odd numbers. Hopefully I will be going to grad school this year, though I missed the registration date and had a mild mental breakdown. I don’t know why they make things so hard. Post the damn registration close date on the website. Not on my portal crap. And the last time I tried to register it was too early. Now it’s too late. I am quite frustrated with loyola. Especially now that I have to drive to Baltimore to register in person and I have no idea how that is going to go. They probably won’t accept my money or some dumb crap.

After I cried about registration my parents tried to give me that whole learning experience talk. I know everything is a learning experience but that doesn’t mean I want to hear it. Life is a learning experience. I don’t think these experiences need to be so hard though and make you not want to go back to school. Even though I completed my undergrad and registered for my classes then, it was so much easier. My father did mostly everything for me and the online stuff wasn’t as complicated. Now no one is telling me what to do and I don’t know how to find anything out. I guess being 24 means I should put on my big girl pants and suck it up, but I really don’t want to. I just want to take this damn bullshit class and get it over with. All signs are pointing for me not to go to school but I’m still trying. Just let me do it loyola.

Now I’m done with my weekly grad school rant. I am excited for everything else 2013 has to offer. I really hope it is a good year. I also really hope it snows a foot soon.

By megms

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