Dec. 24th- holidays

I’d like to start by saying, even as a Christmas elf, there is still a certain aspect of the holidays that gets me down.

Now, this year with recent events, I think I can say the majority of America is with me on this.

Further, around this time of year it is very lovey. Everyone who is in a relationship is happy. And everyone who is not in a relationship, wishes they were. I stand on neither side of the fence.

There is so much desire to be in such a frivolous relationship that sometimes I have no such desire to do so. What does it all mean? And eventually, if you don’t get married, most break ups end up messy and nasty. And even if you do get married that doesn’t mean ten years from now your significant other wont leave you.

Maybe it’s just Christmas and I am feeling grinchy, but I’m starting to become very skeptical of serious relationships.

As I’ve said before, I definitely want to get married and have children, but I wonder if love is ever genuine.

I’ve been in relationships where I’ve loved and been loved, but that love has gone sour and I don’t see how any reconciliation could get back what was lost. Once hurt, how do you heal?

On a more positive note. I am so fucking glad it finally snowed. I put two cats outside in it. I don’t think either cared much for it. And I ran around like a lunatic. So happy for a white Christmas (eve). I will try to be more active with this thing. I am such a slacker.


By megms

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