12/12/12- end of the world?

There’s so many things I could complain about, like my two hour wait at Mazda for an oil change, but with the end of the world just days away, I don’t think I will complain today.

I am so happy I got to see some of my friends this afternoon. Tomorrows quasi-hangover will be totally worth it. I didn’t think we would all be able to get together but low and behold, with plenty of bitching and moaning, we did. (Matt included).

I also got a wonderful phone call from a friend. Days like today make me remember that just when you think your life is shit, your friends are there to remind you that it is, but it will get better. Thank you friends.

On a health note: I suck. I didn’t run yesterday or today. My diet has been pretty good aside from the queso and margaritas I consumed for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I have nothing in the afternoon and I plan to go for a nice long run. I really think I need to get back to the gym some mornings.



By megms

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