Day 21? Dec 10th moving forward

My weird stomach bug is still lingering. I decided, after crying in the bathroom around 4:15 this morning for a half hour, I should probably stay home from work. It helped a little bit, however, anything I eat still seems to upset my stomach. I don’t actually get sick, I just whimper in tremendous pain.

I did run a mile and a half today on the treadmill. That felt okay. Not a bad as I thought it would be after a four day break. I am going to try to get up before work to run tomorrow. Ha. That might be a stretch but I have good intentions.

I met with my advisor for grad school today. No one has ever made me feel more like an idiot than she did. Oh and the dumb ass public safety officer that didn’t think I could handle finding the lady’s office. I don’t know how upon entering a building one has never been in before they should be expected to know their way around.

Anyway, my advisor thought I should have the next few years of my life planned out and was upset with me when I didn’t. Maybe it’s just me, but how can you plan out two year of your future and think it will never change? And why would you want to do that? I understand making tentative plans so you know what classes you need to take and the order in which you should take them, but seriously planning everything, including internships that I don’t even know if I can do while still working. It isn’t going to happen lady. She wasn’t pleased with my nonchalant attitude about grad school. I thought learning was supposed to be fun!

Oh well. Tomorrow will (may) be a better day. Maybe ill be able to eat food and not feel like my stomach is rejecting me.

By megms

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