Dec. 8: flu?

I haven’t run/worked out for three days. I don’t feel bad this time. I feel sick. I’m hopeful tomorrow will be a better day.

We got our Christmas tree today. It is pretty awesome. I also made my first round of Christmas cookies. Jam thumbprints and checkered icebox cookies. They were very tasty. I am going to have to be really careful these next few weeks because I know holiday food is going to be such an awful temptation.

As much as I love Christmas, I feel like there’s always underlying tension. Even when we were getting our tree there was a slight argument and negative attitude. Where did the carefree holiday spirit go?

On the Christmas note, I really need to do my Christmas shopping. I have so many secret santas and parties this year, plus my family gifts, and I’ve only gotten one thing. I do this every year. You’d think I’d learn. Oh well. What’s more fun than the mall the week before Christmas?



By megms

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