Dec. 6th- oh my lanta

I know it was only seven-ish years ago that I graduated high school, but seriously, were we that slutty (rhetorical question)?

The dance concert was a hit, with the students. And with myself, as I’m sure many of the other adult audience members thought, there were many, many talented dancers. However, good lord did they gyrate a lot; and to such blatantly sexual music. It makes me nervous for when I have my own children. Now this did not occur in every dance, but it did happen more often than I expected. I was mostly surprised because the dance teacher is adamant that the dances aren’t sexual in nature. Maybe my idea of what is sexual is different than hers but when some 16 year old is gyrating on stage and the audience is yelling “get it girl” I think sex. Sorry.

Further, those girls are freaking nasty. Not nasty in a not sanitary way, but nasty in attitude. After they performed they got to go to the balcony and watch the rest of the concert. I got to go to the balcony and do crowd control. I hate crowd control. Nobody wants to listen to a 24 year old chubby white girl tell them to sit their ass down or leave. And then they start the hooting and dog barking crap. In what world does that make you attractive? Who teaches these young women to behave this way? It truly boggles my mind why one would act like such an idiot.

I know I’m from a different background as most of these girls, but that doesn’t mean I have completely different values. I’m not naive to the struggles of the world or what goes on. I’m not just a dumb white girl. But seriously, how are these girls being raised with so little respect for themselves and anyone else around them. I couldn’t even tell you the number of times I was called bitch or who the fuck do you think you are. Where did the respect go for anyone who has any sort of authority. And come on, you really think I’m making up rules just to piss you off? I have way better things to do.

All in all it was a good night. Bowling is going well aside from the fact that I’m afraid one of the parents might want to punch me. I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. I will be hooting and hollering and dog barking my way through the day.

By megms

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