Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I have felt that way from the moment I woke up. I was in a rough mood, for not reason, and every little thing annoyed me. I made myself absolutely useless at work, until the end of the day when I semi-won a battle ive been fighting over athletic transportation. But honestly, I have sucked today. I am currently sitting in my workout clothes, not working out.

I think I need to start doing my treadmill runs in the morning. I have motivation all day to run outside but the second I leave work/get home all that motivation is replaced by sleepiness. If I can at least wake up and run a little on the treadmill, I can always go for an outside run later, but then I wont miss a workout. However, waking up earlier means waking up at oh, 4:50? at the latest for at least a half hour workout. That seems a big ridiculous, but I guess ill do what I have to do.

I’ve been living at home for a year now and am starting to feel that itch. Sadly, moving out (again) is not possible at this time. I am slightly worried living here might slowly drive me crazy or turn me into a spinster. With grad school starting in the spring and the county only paying for less than half, it just doesn’t even seem possible to move anyway, aside from an insane asylum. I try to look at the big picture, these years at home mean that one day I will be able to afford more than I can afford now. And a get a dog.

Tonight I still have hope to run at least a mile on the treadmill. Tomorrow I really want to run outside but I have a meeting after work and have no idea what time I will be home. Probably never. So ill probably end up back on the treadmill. Three more days until my 5k. I think I should be more concerned but for some reason I’m not. I guess we will see what happens on Saturday.

By megms

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