Colder Weather

I did my 5k training program at the park today where I will be running my first 5k. Hopefully next weekend the weather will be slightly more in my favor but I doubt it.
As I began my run in the 40 degree frigid air with 25 mph wind gusts my first thought was, “are you f-ing kidding me. What person in their right mind would voluntarily do this”. However, I soon warmed up and my run actually became quite enjoyable. I am very thankful that a few weeks ago I went out and purchased some amazing cold weather gear that not only protected me from the cold but really made running in the wind bearable. It is amazing what certain clothes can really do. I actually think now I would prefer to run in the cold than hot.
Even with my awesome clothes though, the cold definitely made my legs feel heavier and my pace was slower but I completed my workout as planned.
I also finally finished the Christmas lights. My fingers may be bleeding but I’m pretty sure this display will beat last years.

Tonight I have dinner out at a very nice restaurant. This is going to be another challenge that I will face on my journey. Going out to eat is definitely a weakness of mine. When I eat out I generally like to splurge, especially when it is a really nice restaurant. Today I think I will be okay because I have made healthy choices for breakfast and lunch and I am well within my calorie goal, however, it is hard to tell since restaurants seem to try to sneak extra calories in wherever they can.
One of the main things I do to try and make healthier choices when eating out is to look at the menu ahead of time. That way I know if I am going to be eating a more high calorie meal, my other meals should be lighter and I should definitely exercise. Also, sometimes I will choose a few dishes that should be lower in calories and only choose from those, or though chefs probably hate me for it, choose and modify a dish to make it more diet friendly.
For tonight, I’ve looked at the menu and already narrowed down my choices. I also will definitely be getting dessert since that is my favorite meal and ill factor that in when ordering.
One of my favorite sayings is, “I run so I can eat” and oh how true that is.
I am excited that tomorrow is only Sunday and I still have another day off. Going back to work on Monday should be dreadful but I heard a rumor about snow, which whether or not it happens Should make the kids crazy and guarantee ill want to punch myself. Can’t wait.


By megms

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