My feminist rant

This is the only time I will go on this rant…

When I run outside I usually listen to music, though there are times where I just like to run and listen to the busy sounds of the neighborhood or park, but lately the music has been Taylor Swift’s new CD, “red”. Say what you want; I like it. A lot of her songs actually make me sort of upset. What happened to our society that women fall into such broken relationships? Why is it that there are battered women’s shelters but you hardly ever hear of a battered man? Where did women go wrong that they accept such pitiful love?

Personally, I can’t say much for myself. I, thanks to “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” have generally accepted the love I think I deserve. In reality I deserve so much more. We all deserve so much more. I look around at my friends, some of which are in “perfect” relationships or marriages and others that I wonder why they are with that person. Maybe that is the perfect person for them, who is to say they aren’t, but what if they do deserve more? I would hate to see any of my friends put down by a man, but it happens in more ways than the obvious and more times than I’d like to think.

What happened in our society to make us women seem so weak? It’s everything- the partners we choose, the way we look, the way we act, how we dress, where we go, who we hang out with. All of these things seem to be dependent on our partner or trying to obtain a partner. Even for myself, I am trying to lose weight to become healthier and be happier with myself, but it would also make me more attractive to others. Life shouldn’t be about working towards pleasing someone else all the time. We should be trying to please ourselves. You only have one body and one life, don’t waste it on someone who is too selfish to appreciate how wonderful you are, who can’t bother to ask if you want the last piece of chicken, who won’t argue with you about going out with your girlfriends, and who judges you for the amount of cellulite you have. Loving yourself is worth so much more than being loved by someone who makes you feel bad.

I wish women, who have worked so hard to gain independence, equal rights, and respect, would act like they actually wanted to be treated with such respect. I don’t understand how in this day and age we are still so dependent on our male counterpart to provide us with both material things and fulfill our emotional needs. This is not to say I don’t want to be married with a husband I adore and who adores me right back and a bunch of cute kids, I do want that, desperately, it’s just we need to remember we are independent women and should be strong independently. Take control of your life. Don’t let others put you down. Reevaluate what you deserve because I bet you it’s 100% more than you think.


Side note: it’s my brothers 21st birthday. I probably will not stick to my calorie goal, but I did run a mile and a half and walked a half mile.

By megms

2 comments on “My feminist rant

  1. I love you! And this post. The Taylor cd makes me worried for Taylor, too. I feel like she stopped emotionally maturing at age 17, and I can’t decide if her whole ‘dependent on men’ thing is an act or not. She’s clearly not dependent on men, she’s a millionaire. So, why can’t she live three minutes (the length of a song) without talking about a poorly chosen relationship? I’m sure she can and does in real life, and I wish she’d drop the damsel in distress act. You’re independent, you’re a feminist, own it. You too meg, be a feminist and don’t feel like you have to label it a rant!!

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